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Fresh Cuts

Who's Your Father...Brent Results

AML who says the guy she slept with is a jerk...well here are the results

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Fresh Cuts

Jason Gives Props to Coffee

Jason Goodman gives props to coffee

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Local Talent

Jodi Hildebran and Billie Feather Live! "Jolene"

Jodi Hildebran and Billie Feather from Winston-Salem cover Dolly Parton's "Jolene"!

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Phone Tap

Hugs Tells Roommate to "Get Out"

Intern Hugs tells his roommate, former Intern Chuckles to "get the hell out"

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War of the Roses

Dave's Girlfriend Doesn't Want to Have Sex

AML Dave says his girlfriend doesn't want to have sex with him. Is something up!?!

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What Our Listeners Say

You guys are f****ing hilarious and I listen to you guys every morning. AML right here, and I sit in my parking lot and am literally always late going in because I have to listen to what you guys have got to say.

Hi I'm Molly from Colfax and I love singing to my favorite songs on 1075 KZL!

All my friends listen to 1075 KZL! This radio station definitely makes me laugh the most.

This is Michelle from WS and I'm always singing along in the car to 1075 KZL!

Hi my name is Sarah and I'm from Randleman and I love 1075 KZL!

I love when they play 20 in a row on 1075 KZL!

Hi, I'm Michelle from Thomasville, and I'm Samantha from Winston, and we listen to J & K in the morning every morning on 1075 KZL!

I love 1075 KZL cos you guys crack me up at work.

1075 KZL is hot!

I love listening to J&K because they are fabulous and they get my morning going and they get me pumped up for the day!

I'm a regular AML, I listen to you guys every morning at work and on my way to work, you guys are great.

That phone tap was awesome, it had me rollin! I'm a truck driver and AML and I listen to you guys every morning, it's just awesome.

I just wanted to call and tell you guys you are absolutely hilarious, every single morning I'm taking my son to school, and I am just laughing the entire way. I know the people riding beside me are like, "who is she talking to?"

My favorite thing is when you guys torture Hugs on Tuesdays, it's just awesome, we just love it, I just wanted to share that with you guys.

Hey it's Rachel from WS and I'm an AML. I think you guys are awesome and I feel like you guys are family because I know so much about you!

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