Our On-Air Team


Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His first jobs came in television in the late 1980s. He made his big-screen debut in 1989’s horror film Cutting Class and his role in 1994’s Legends of the Fall helped secured his place as a Hollywood staple. More recent film credits include Fight Club (1999), Babel (2006), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Inglourious Basterds (2009), Moneyball (2011) and World War Z (2013). He is also a two-time winner of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”….oh wait that’s Brad Pitt’s bio.

Jared started with 107.5 KZL as an off-air producer in 2007 and worked hard on getting celebrity guests on the show such as John Mayer, Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. In 2012 he became the host of Jared and Katie in the Morning.

Jared is a huge fan of the Washington Redskins, Carolina Tar Heels and loves going to the movies! He married up big time when he married Kelli Pike in December of 2015! He has two wonderful kids Ava and Eli and looks forward to adding to his family in the not too distant future. He can be found at a chinese buffet near you!


Baby Katherine was born on the 4th of September in the mega-metropolis known as Washington DC but grew up among the Amish community in Pennsylvania until her 15th year of life (No, she’s not actually Amish but did grow up in a farmhouse and knows how to milk a cow and raise a barn in a day)

After an awkward teenage-transition into 4 years of high school in North Carolina, Katie consistently found herself on academic probation at Appalachian State University but graduated in a quick 5 years. It was in Boone that Katie found her true passions in life: booze, non-medical marijuana, bluegrass music (to which she dances barefoot) and bearded men. The hippie lifestyle felt like home, a nod to her near-Amish upbringing.

During her final year of college (her senior-senior year as Katie likes to call it) she realized she’d needed to pick a career and she needed to pick it quick. If Katie graduated without some sort of job plan in place, she knew her parents would suffer even more disappointment and Katie just couldn’t live with herself if that happened.

Katie found an unpaid internship at Kiss 95.1/K1047 in Charlotte, after a summer of concerts, free tshirts and a restraining order (she got too close to Jessica Simpson once, so what?) Katie knew radio was for her but also knew that living with her parents after college made her look like a loser.

Off to Winston Salem/Greensboro she went! Katie was hired by 107.5KZL in 2005 and has been embarrassing herself on air, daily ever since.

Katie’s life was forever changed when her now-husband Ben walked in to her life -fairytale style (they met in a bar!) They married in October of 2014, welcomed a daughter named Nora in 2015, a son named Henry in 2016 –and their Chocolate Lab, Maizie completes the family. Whew!! Over-achievers!

Katie prides herself on having champagne taste on a beer budget. She lives for all things Anthropologie, is a total foodie and dreams of throwing adult dinner parties, complete with fine wine and artisan cheeses. Did she mention she loves wine?? Yeah, lots and lots of wine.

Man Kisser Matt

Tar Heel born and bred in L.A. (Lower Archdale). Being such an adventurous guy, Matt went to college at High Point University. After stumbling into the college radio station late one night, Matt and his friends became the hosts of “The Tuesday Night Juke” which was the most popular show on the station among Matt’s small group of friends and fraternity brothers.

While at High Point, Matt became a party animal. He consumed enough alcohol his major should have been Mixology. And while there are more stories than anyone can recall from these days, he was guilty of kissing a man at a party. He hated it so much, he vowed to kiss no more than 4 more guys in his life!

The man now so fondly referred to as “Man Kisser Matt” started working for 107.5 KZL in August of 2013 and joined Jared and Katie in the Morning in April of 2014. Putting his Master’s Degree to good use, “Man Kisser Matt” has since gotten a Brazilian wax, posed nude as Kim Kardashian, and seen another man completely naked. His family, loving mother, and wonderful wife Hannah are so proud.

Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman became a regular member of Jared And Katie in the Morning in 2012. He thinks women are like ovens (a theory of his) and he likes cherry popsicles (another theory) the most. At 4’1 he holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s shortest DJ. Jason Goodman is married with two kids and enjoys sharing clothes with his son Landon who was born in 2007. If you have something nasty to say about Jon Bon Jovi or Frankie Vallie keep it to yourself or he might whip out a small ladder, climb it and slap you in the face. Jason Goodman is the “biggest/smallest” Patriots fan and spends a lot of time staring at pictures of Tom Brady.

Fun fact: Jason Goodman has something in common with Post Malone…both have embarrassing tattoos, luckily Jason’s embarrassing tattoo is not on his face!


Josie got lucky 14 years ago when an amazing local radio station took a chance and hired a clueless college kid at High Point University with no radio experience. Now, 1075KZL is still stuck with her almost a decade and a half later. She was producer of the morning show for 5 years and then moved on to middays. You can catch Josie on the air during the week from 10AM-3PM and she holds the long title of “Assistant Program Director and Music Director for 1075KZL”. When she’s not obsessing over new music, producing catchy commercials, or meeting today’s hottest stars (Nicest? Taylor Swift. Shortest? Pete Wentz. Wildest? Katy Perry. Tallest? John Mayer. Rudest? She’s not naming names!), Josie is spending time with her kids, Mara and Rome, and her husband, Matt in their new hometown of Jamestown. She’s also a very slow, yet dedicated runner, teaches Sunday school for preschoolers, and fails at 99% of the recipes and crafts she finds on Pinterest.


HOBBIES: Music, concerts, comedy of all sorts, sports, and radio I consider a hobby, actually since it’s so much fun!

Tripper is from the small town of Clifton Forge, VA and has done radio in Roanoke, Chattanooga, Nashville and places that aren’t even in Google maps.

I have been host of 1075 KZL’s live night show, weeknights 7P-midnight, which is fun, very interactive and topical and even irreverent at times. I am also the Imaging Director for 1075 KZL as well as our sister station, Rock 92, which gives me a lot of range to be creative. Imaging is what makes the stations sound the way they do. It’s the sort of behind the scenes, writing, editing and producing of audio, that no one really ever thinks about when they listen. It’s what the voiceover people say in between songs and station promos etc. Don’t worry, I don’t know what this stuff means either. I have wanted to work in broadcasting ever since I won the show in a local raffle. Weekends I can be found hiding in the basement, until I pop up Saturday night to host Club 107. I enjoy all kinds of social media. Also watching documentaries about music or science,astronomy or anything really. I like spending time with family and friends. *Please keep in mind, none of this will ever hold up in court!”

Chase Myers

The “Preppy” one of the 107.5 KZL crew, Chase was born and raised in the triad and grew up with 107.5 KZL. He’s a connoisseur of the “finer” things in life, such as golf, fancy coffee, and frat guy clothing. He’s a graduate of Appalachian State University – trust us, we know…he tells us all the time. The guy eats, sleeps, and breathes anything App State and slips away any chance he gets to find his way back up to Boone. Sometimes called the “music man” he’s the drummer and one of the lead singers for the triad’s number one party band, Bantum Rooster. His real rise to fame though came when he made a 10 second cameo on an episode of CONAN…at least he thinks he did. Actually, he’s your true southern gentleman…oh, and he’s always worried about his hair. Ladies and gentlemen….Chase Myers.

Stacey Scott

Stacy Scott is well… what can we say… a bit of a firecracker, but you probably figured that out by her hot pink hair! With 4 kids and a cop for a husband, it was either hot pink or grandma grey.

B.B. Shea

Named after the old New York Mets baseball stadium, B.B. Shea was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC as a New York Yankees fan (tell me how that makes sense). He attended school in the NC mountains at Western Carolina University where he met the loves his life: Radio, Beer and Naps.

After college, B.B. started working with 107.5 KZL in 2015 as an intern and somehow worked his way onto being on air (we’re still not sure that management is aware). B.B. Shea is the current Jared and Katie in the Morning Intern Rap Battle Champion and is always welcoming any challengers to dethrone him. When he’s not on-air you can catch B.B. Shea at home sitting on his couch watching movies or at your local Mickey Dees. Just pick one, he’s probably there now!


Originally from Pennsylvania, Zack moved south eight years ago and never left. When he’s not giving us a play-by-play update on his life on social media, he’s an avid sports fan, cheering on his Pittsburgh teams!

Intern Squidward

Joining the show in 2019, Intern Squidward is the newest member of Jared and Katie in the Morning. Although he’s no longer an intern, it will forever be his name! He was given the name “Squidward” because of his big nose, and long lanky arms and legs. His laugh is eerily similar to Squidward’s as well. He graduated from Appalachian State University in the High Country in 2018, and still may be high as we speak. Every Friday Squidward spits a “Weekly Rap Recap” recapping the week in the world, along with various stories about the personal lives of the members on the show, in one freestyle rap. After being named Squidward, he released a song called “Ballin’ Like Squidward”, and after dating a woman in her 50’s he released a song called “Sugar Momma Rolley” (No, we’re still not sure if he got the Rolex or not). Both songs and videos can be found on Jared and Katie in the Morning’s Youtube page. In other words, Intern Squidward is trying to become a rapper…we’ll see how that goes.