Tar Heel born and bred in L.A. (Lower Archdale). Being such an adventurous guy, Matt went to college at High Point University. After stumbling into the college radio station late one night, Matt and his friends became the hosts of “The Tuesday Night Juke” which was the most popular show on the station among Matt’s small group of friends and fraternity brothers.

While at High Point, Matt became a party animal. He consumed enough alcohol his major should have been Mixology. And while there are more stories than anyone can recall from these days, he was guilty of kissing a man at a party. He hated it so much, he vowed to kiss no more than 4 more guys in his life!

The man now so fondly referred to as “Man Kisser Matt” started working for 107.5 KZL in August of 2013 and joined Jared and Katie in the Morning in April of 2014. Putting his Master’s Degree to good use, “Man Kisser Matt” has since gotten a Brazilian wax, posed nude as Kim Kardashian, and seen another man completely naked. His family, loving mother, and wonderful wife Hannah are so proud.