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Current Jackpot: $2100

Win your share of thousands with 1075 KZL’s Secret Sound!  Listen weekdays at 7:05 AM, 11:05 AM, 4:05 PM and 7:05 PM for your chance to win the Secret Sound!  Powered by Go Green Plumbing, Heating and Air

Secret Sound



 1. Juice WRLD

 2. Footaction

3.Oscar the Grouch




Previous Guesses

Daisy from Winston Salem guessed pulling a pull chain on a light switch/ceiling fan at 7:05 PM on 5/4/2021

Elizabeth from Greensboro guessed opening a silverware drawer at 4:05 PM on 5/4/2021

Meredith from Burlington guessed a coin ejecting after hanging up a payphone at 11:05 AM on 5/4/2021

Jamie from Jamestown guessed opening a china cabinet door at 7:05 AM on 5/4/2021

Jamie from Jamestown guessed doorknocker hitting a door at 7:05 PM on 5/3/2021

Brandon from Walnut Cove guessed pulling the lever on a slot machine at 4:05 PM on 5/3/2021

Roe from Greensboro guessed sitting down a bucket and the handle hitting the side at 11:05 AM on 5/3/2021

Jamie from Trinity guessed opening an old ammo can at 7:05 AM on 5/3/2021

 Alisa from Boonville guessed pulling out dresser drawer and handle on it hits when you let go at 7:05 PM on 4/30/2021


May from Summerfield guessed dresser door closing and handle on it hitting the dresser at 4:05 PM on 4/30/2021

Tanner from King guessed pushing an equipment cart across a door threshold at 11:05 AM on 4/30/2021

Nicole from Pilot Mountain guessed opening a screen door at 7:05 AM on 4/30/2021

Bridget from Mt. Airy guessed a drink machine dispensing a drink at 7:05 PM on 4/29/2021

Melissa from High Point guessed shutting a pinball machine at 4:05 PM on 4/29/2021

William from Lexington guessed shutting a wooden gate with a metal latch at 11:05 AM on 4/29/2021

Angie from Lexington guessed dropping a fork onto a table at 7:05 AM on 4/29/2021

Susan from Trinity guessed old timey cash register with a drawer than opens at 7:05 PM on 4/28/2021

Alyssa from Madison guessed dropping a wrench 4:05 PM on 4/28/2021

 Crystal from Greensboro guessed a bubblegum machine at 11:05 AM on 4/28/2021

Kasey from Pleasant Garden guessed turnstiles at 7:05 AM on 4/28/2021