1075 KZL's Secret Sound

Current Jackpot: $13,800

Win your share of thousands with 1075 KZL’s Secret Sound!  Listen weekdays at 7:05 AM, 11:05 AM, 4:05 PM and 7:05 PM for your chance to win the Secret Sound!  Powered by Go Green Plumbing, Heating and Air

Secret Sound


`1. One Direction

 2. Airdrop

 3. Tail

 4. Electric Tequila Bar and Grill

 5. Dime

6. Vision

7. Ben Stiller

8. Beer

9. Doctor
10. Radio
11.  L.A.
12. Lunch
13. Cars
14. Influencer
15. Chromebook
16. Firework
17. No Auto
18. Shed 
19. Severe Weather
20. UFC
21. Reading
22. Sunday in November
23. Salt
24. Skis
25. Bump
26. Rope

27. Grammys

28. Ballet

29. Duck

30. Adult

31. To The Wall

32. Before bed, do this in order to find your way to the restroom in the middle of the night.

Previous Guesses

Sean from Winston guessed turning on an overhead projector  at 7:05AM  on 4/12/22

Megan from Martinsville guessed hitting drumsticks together at 7:05PM  on 4/11/22

Kelly from Stokesdale guessed a time clock punching a time card at 4:05PM  on 4/11/22

Laura from Winston Salem guessed a ping pong ball hitting the table while playing beer pong at 11:05AM  on 4/11/22

Leanne from Greensboro guessed closing a wireless earbuds case at 7:05AM  on 4/11/22

Misty from Lexington guessed the coin mechanism on a pool table at 7:05PM  on 4/8/22

Kimmy from Salisbury guessed teeing off a golf ball at 4:05PM  on 4/8/22

Dawn from Greensboro guessed a lighting a gas fireplace at 11:05AM  on 4/8/22

Mary from Winston-Salem guessed a branch hitting a window pane at 7:05AM  on 4/8/22

Annabelle from Asheboro guessed cracking open a nut at 7:05PM  on 4/7/22

Logan from Greensboro guessed a baseball being thrown into a baseball glove at 4:05PM  on 4/7/22

Christopher from Thomasville guessed closing the case on a spin player at 11:05AM  on 4/7/22

Kendra from Greensboro guessed the first note of AC/DCs “Back in Black” at 7:05AM  on 4/7/22

Amy from Archdale guessed spring on a stapler when you lift the top up at 7:05PM  on 4/6/22

Natasha from Greensboro guessed jumping your cars battery with jumper cables at 4:05PM  on 4/6/22

Jamie from Whitsett guessed locking a lock in a refrigerator at 11:05AM on 4/6/22

Melissa from Pittsboro guessed moving the shut off valve on an ice maker in a refrigerator at 7:05AM on 4/6/22

Amy from Walnut Cove guessed someone shooting pool at 7:05PM on 4/5/22

Sarah from Chatham guessed putting up a gas pump at 4:05PM on 4/5/22

Megan from Reidsville guessed a lid of a trashcan closing at 11:05AM on 4/5/22

Ashley from Walnut Cove guessed closing and latching a briefcase at 7:05AM on 4/5/22

 Brent from Martinsville guessed clipping a carabiner at 7:05PM on 4/4/22

 Melanie from Winston Salem guessed Burton step on bindings at 4:05PM on 4/4/22

Grace from Westfield guessed using the tonometer air puff test at the eye doctor at 11:05AM on 4/4/22

Melissa from Greensboro guessed flicking a lighter at 7:05AM on 4/4/22

Megan from Reidsville guessed closing a three ring binder at 7:05PM on 4/1/22

Josh from Salisbury guessed closing a locker door at 4:05PM on 4/1/22

David from Hillsborough from disconnecting a bicycle tire pump at 11:05AM on 4/1/22

Candice from Lexington from guessed opening an ice cooler at a grocery store at 7:05AM on 4/1/22

 Brooke from Lexington from guessed winding a watch at 7:05PM on 3/31/22

Gail from Chapel Hill from guessed opening an umbrella at 4:05PM on 3/31/22

Tabitha from Greensboro guessed clinking together glasses for a cheers at 11:05AM on 3/31/22

Rebecca from Pilot Mountain guessed opening and closing a shower door at 7:05AM on 3/31/22

Marina from High Point guessed a retro style flip clock as the time changes at 7:05PM on 3/30/22

Jessie from Yadkinville guessed Corona Electrical Discharge at 4:05PM on 3/30/22

Jessica from Eden guessed striking a match at 11:05AM on 3/30/22

Michelle from Winston-Salem guessed someone clicking a hand-counting device at 7:05AM on 3/30/22

Lyn from Greensboro guessed a clock at 7:05PM on 3/29/22

Kim from Greensboro guessed plugging in an electric car at 4:05PM on 3/29/22

Phillip from Asheboro guessed opening a 3-ring binder at 11:05AM on 3/29/22

Kelsey from Tobaccoville guessed flipping on/off a breaker switch at 7:05AM on 3/29/22

Cindy from Kernersville guessed serving a ping pong ball at 7:05PM on 3/28/22

Riki from Clemmons guessed a toilet seat slamming shut at 4:05PM on 3/28/22

Jason from Germanton guessed Newton’s Cradle balls hitting together at 11:05AM on 3/28/22

Chris from Burlington guessed an old school cigarette vending machine dispensing a cigarette at 7:05AM on 3/28/22

Heather from Winston Salem guessed tuning the toms on a drum at 7:05PM on 3/25/22

Jody from Greensboro guessed a gas pump click at 4:05PM on 3/25/22

Kim from Greensboro guessed tapping a keg of beer at 11:05AM on 3/25/22

John from Greensboro guessed putting on a popping a medical glove at 7:05AM on 3/25/22

Shannon from Sofia guessed shooting a rubber band at a tin can at 7:05PM on 3/24/22

Lauren from Winston Salem guessed the sound of a toaster popping up at 4:05PM on 3/24/22

Angelina from Kernersville guessed a firework going off at a 4th of July celebration at 11:05AM on 3/24/22

Amy from Walnut Cove guessed Newton’s Cradle at 7:05AM on 3/24/22

Ashley from Salisbury guessed hitting a golf ball at 7:05PM on 3/23/22

Melanie from Lexington guessed opening a soda can at 4:05PM on 3/23/22

Kelly from Danville guessed an X-RAY machine taking an X-RAY at 11:05AM on 3/23/22

Macy from Danville guessed someone walking through a turnstile at 7:05AM on 3/23/22

 Melissa from Pittsboro guessed clicking a mouse on a computer at 7:05PM on 3/22/22

Jenny from Gibsonville guessed putting an apple watch on a charger at 4:05PM on 3/22/22

Megan from Kernersville guessed purging a Co2 machine at 11:05AM on 3/22/22

Sam from Asheboro guessed plugging a charger into a cell phone at 7:05AM on 3/22/22

 Brooke from Lexington guessed depressing the air bell stem on a tire when filling it up with air  at 7:05PM on 3/21/22

Nicole from Burlington guessed party snaps that you throw on the ground at 4:05PM on 3/21/22

Ashlyn from Winston Salem guessed releasing the clip on a clipboard at 11:05AM on 3/21/2022

Mike from Oak Ridge guessed using a pair of nail clippers at 7:05AM on 3/21/2022

Allie from Summerfield guessed snapping your fingers at 7:05PM on 3/18/2022

Desmond from Greensboro guessed a car door locking from the inside at 4:05PM on 3/18/2022

Melissa from Winston Salem guessed cutting on a film projector at 11:05AM on 3/18/2022

Courtney from King guessed a ball going through a pitching maching at 7:05AM on 3/18/2022

Kasey from Reidsville guessed igniting a gas burner on a stove at 7:05PM on 3/17/2022

Courtney from Walnut Cove from guessed action clappers slapping down at 4:05PM on 3/17/2022

Ashlyn from Winston Salem guessed going through a turnstile at 11:05AM on 3/17/2022

Sharon from Reidsville guessed the air puff test during a glaucoma test at 7:05AM on 3/17/2022

Katherine from Greensboro guessed a drum stick hitting a snare head drum head at 7:05PM on 3/16/2022

Wess from Chapel Hill guessed opening a beer bottle at 4:05PM on 3/16/2022

Hunter from Burlington guessed the flap door on a vending machine making noise at 11:05AM on 3/16/2022

Paige from Graham guessed plugging a guitar into an amp at 7:05AM on 3/16/2022

 Brianna from Burlington guessed turning a lamp on at 7:05PM on 3/15/2022

Katrina from King guessed flipping an electric guitar amp on at 4:05PM on 3/15/2022

Betty from Greensboro guessed opening a microwave door at 11:05AM on 3/15/2022

Deanna from Burlington guessed turning on a grill at 7:05AM on 3/15/2022

Gail from Graham guessed a corn hole bag hitting a corn hole board at 7:05PM on 3/14/2022

Carla from Walkertown guessed closing a medicine cabinet at 4:05PM on 3/14/2022

Casey from Greensboro guessed using a lighter at 11:05AM on 3/14/2022

April from Greensboro guessed closing an Airpod case at 7:05AM on 3/14/2022

Jodie from Greensboro guessed a tape measure snapping back at 7:05PM on 3/11/2022

Brooke from Burlington guessed a drumstick hitting the edge of a drum at 4:05PM on 3/11/2022

Crystal from Greensboro guessed someone turning a spotlight off and on at 11:05am on 3/11/2022

Heather from Reidsville guessed shutting a door at 7:05am on 3/11/2022

 Zach from Burlington guessed closing a prescription glasses’ case at 7:05PM on 3/10/2022

Allison from Summerfield guessed turning on the flashlight at 4:05PM on 3/10/2022

Amy from Winson Salem guessed someone slapping a coin down on a counter at 11:05AM on 3/10/2022

Ashley from Asheboro guessed opening a bottle of champagne at 7:05AM on 3/10/2022

 Gail from Haw River guessed the sound of a camera taking a picture at 7:05PM on 3/9/2022

 Jerry from Reidsville guessed tapping the spacebar on a keyboard at 4:05PM on 3/9/2022

 Hunter from Burlington guessed pulling the knob on a pinball machine at 11:05AM on 3/9/2022

 Tabitha from Gibsonville guessed opening a beer can at 7:05AM on 3/9/2022

 Marina from High Point guessed an air soft gun at 7:05PM on 3/8/2022

 Jackie from Kernersville guessed when you flick the pinball on the pinball machine at 4:05PM on 3/8/2022

 Carolyn from Asheboro guessed flipping the song in a juke box at 11:05AM on 3/8/2022

 David from Kernersville guessed dropping a ping pong ball in a shot glass at 7:05AM on 3/8/2022

Maddie from Randleman guessed a high hat cymbal at 7:05PM on 3/7/2022

William from Lexington guessed dropping a stack of papers on the floor at 4:05PM on 3/7/2022

Kim from Burlington guessed turning on a light switch at 11:05AM on 3/7/2022

Ashely from Kernersville guessed pushing the ignitor button on a gas grill at 7:05AM on 3/7/2022

Katrina from Walnut Cove guessed a dart hitting a dartboard at 7:05PM on 3/4/2022

Heather from Reidsville guessed locking the deadbolt on your work door at 4:05PM on 3/4/2022

Nicole from High Point guessed using a beer tap to pour draft beer at 11:05AM on 3/4/2022

Ellen from Winston Salem guessed putting a magnet on a file cabinet at 7:05AM on 3/4/2022

Tony from Winston Salem guessed using a rivet gun at 7:05PM on 3/3/2022

Donna from Greensboro guessed sound from a karaoke machine at 4:05PM on 3/3/2022

Mark from Burlington guessed change going into a piggy bank at 11:05AM on 3/3/2022

Ashley from Winston-Salem guessed using a nail gun at 7:05AM on 3/3/2022

Gloria from Stokesdale guessed tennis ball launcher at 7:05PM on 3/2/2022

Gina from Kernersville guessed a dog dropping a toy at 4:05PM on 3/2/2022

Angelina from Kernersville guessed hitting a nail at 11:05AM on 3/2/2022

Brandon from Mt. Airy guessed opening a bottle of soda at 7:05AM on 3/2/2022

Sarah from Danville guessed food falling from a vending machine at 7:05PM on 3/1/2022

Christine from Thomasville guessed using a typewriter at 4:05PM on 3/1/2022

Tony from Greensboro guessed using a confetti launcher at 11:05AM on 3/1/2022

Victoria from Eden guessed moving a file to the “trash can” on a computer at 7:05AM on 3/1/2022

Kelly from Greensboro guessed someone spitting at 7:05PM on 2/28/2022

Lauren from Mayodan guessed opening a locker at 4:05PM on 2/28/2022

Jennifer from Chatham, VA guessed letting the blinds slide down at 11:05AM on 2/28/2022

Gail from Chapel Hill guessed someone using a nail gun at 7:05AM on 2/28/2022

Jackie from High Point guessed someone using a hole punch at 7:05PM on 2/25/2022

Catlin from Yakinville guessed slapping a ruler on a desk at 4:05PM on 2/25/2022

 Amy from Winston Salem guessed using a Nerf Gun at 11:05AM on 2/25/2022

Jackie from High Point guessed putting on a slap bracelet at 7:05AM on 2/25/2022

Nicole from High Point guessed flipping a breaker at 7:05PM on 2/24/2022

Brandy from Eden guessed loading staples into a stapler at 4:05PM on 2/24/2022

Lo from Lexington guessed clipping a binder clip closed at 11:05AM on 2/24/2022

Bobby from High Point guessed using an air stapler at 7:05AM on 2/24/2022

Britney from Winston Salem guessed using a nail gun at 7:05PM on 2/23/2022

Jackie from High Point guessed a mouse trap at 4:05PM on 2/23/2022

 Jerry from Reidsville guessed using a staple gun at 11:05 AM on 2/23/2022

Angelina from Kernersville guessed a bug zapper at 7:05 AM on 2/23/2022